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Pink Cotillion

Pink Cotillion Debutante Program

Congratulations to our 14 Beautiful Pink Cotillion Debutantes, including Miss Jourdan Green who was crowned Miss Pink Cotillion 2016 during our 12th Biennial Pink Cotillion:

“An Evening of Enchantment Honoring 14 Precious Pearls”


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Theta Sigma Omega Chapter has presented young ladies to the Hattiesburg community for over 20 years through the Biennial Pink Cotillion Debutante Program. This signature program of the chapter promotes and cultivates elegance, scholarship and poise in the young ladies. Theta Sigma Omega Chapter has used the Pink Cotillion Debutante Program as a method to award scholarship dollars to young women for their scholastic achievement, community service, fundraising efforts, and overall participation in the Debutante program. Funding for the scholarships will come from patron donations and solicitations. Deserving young ladies have been awarded over $115,000, since the inception of the Debutante Program in 1994. Our 12th Biennial Pink Cotillion was held on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at the Hattiesburg Convention Center.



The mission of the Pink Cotillion Debutante Program is to: provide social development through cultural and educational workshops, promote community service and volunteerism, culminating with the young ladies official debut into society. The keys to the success of the program are to: promote unity and a spirit of friendship that is instilled in the participants through a fun, cooperative and memorable environment.


The Pink Cotillion Debutante Program is made up of five key components beginning in December and culminating in June of the following year:

  1. Workshops
  2. Community Service/Volunteerism
  3. Special programs and activities
  4. Rehearsals
  5. The Pink Cotillion Debutante Presentation and Ball



To encourage the development of young ladies into good citizens by our example

To promote high ideals and character building for young ladies during their formative years

To help young ladies acquire social graces and good citizenship through group activity

To promote understanding and friendship between the members of the organization and others

To develop new friendships, provide volunteer service; engage in structured leadership; etiquette; and educational workshops that will enhance their educational and social skills

To benefit young ladies who have the dedication, ambition, motivation, and drive to pursue fully to the end, a career that will enable them to make a contribution within their community